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Dean’s Greetings


The world today is seeing revolutionary changes in culture, which is impacting nations, societies, and economies. The mid-18th century saw a revolution of machines, and the 19th to early 20th centuries were a time of mass production. Following the knowledge information revolution of the late 20th century, the meeting of thinking and intelligent information technology in the 21st century has given birth to the information revolution. Also known as the fourth industrial revolution, the information revolution has caused confusion over domains unique to humans, with an increase in automated processes and higher dependency on machines.


Culture is what distinguishes us from animals, and the ability to think is what makes us different from machines. Many jobs are expected to disappear in 5 to10 years, and AI policies indicate that computing technology may replace not only manual labor but also areas that require basic thinking. Amidst technological advancements and rapid societal changes, human value will shine through the ability to think. As such, education should focus on instilling critical thinking, which is essential to adapt to changes and thrive in our future society.


Established in 2014, the College of Informatics has a relatively short history, but it has built a strong academic reputation for fostering talent to lead change in a future society. Its curriculum is designed so that students acquire abilities to explore the essence of information and to analyze and process information phenomena.


The College of Informatics aims to develop talented individuals who view the world in fresh perspectives and drive meaningful change in society. Students gain an understanding of information phenomena, apply their knowledge to address emerging issues, and develop practical problem-solving skills. They are supported in realizing their dream of becoming future leaders while embracing the values and vision of the College.


The College strives to nurture humble but exceptional graduates who deliver value as members of society in changing times. I look forward to the support and encouragement of parents, friends, faculty, and staff.