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Foster interdisciplinary talent capable of developing AI technology and related applications for various fields such as basic sciences and engineering

Department Office : 02-3290-4132



Head of the
Interdisciplinary Major in
Artificial Intelligence
Hyeoncheol Kim

In response to the growing demand for AI applications with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the Interdisciplinary Major in Artificial Intelligence aims to foster interdisciplinary talent through education in basic data science and AI principles as well as practicums.

The major will produce graduates capable of contributing to new technology development and market creation based on creative thinking beyond academic conventions, thereby allowing Korea to gain global competitiveness in related fields. 

Education and Research Details

The major provides basic knowledge on core AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, big data, natural language processing, computer vision, and robot engineering.

The interdisciplinary courses and practicums are designed to teach how to integrate AI technology from the viewpoints of experts in various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, brain engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.