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Department of Artificial Intelligence

Fostering world-class AI talent through core technology development and advanced academic research

Department Office : 02-3290-4137, 4138

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Head of  the
Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Seong-Whan Lee

The Department of Artificial Intelligence at Korea University was established in September 2019 under the Ministry of Science and ICT’s Graduate School of AI Supporting Program. It aims to foster talent to play a leading role in enhancing Korea’s status as an AI powerhouse.


By producing talent capable of driving innovation in AI technology, leaders behind the development of global industries, and entrepreneurs for the commercialization of new AI technology, the department will move towards its goal of joining the world’s top 20 in the field of AI. 

Education and Research Details

The department conducts education and research focused on AI in key research areas (e.g. deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, big data, neural networks) and AI+X applications (e.g. healthcare, finance, intelligent agent, game, autonomous driving, national defense).


Through close cooperation with top AI universities, research institutes, and companies at home and abroad, the department fosters talent with global competitiveness and practical competence.