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Head of the
Interdisciplinary Major in Brain
and Cognitive Sciences
Sang Hee Kim

Through interdisciplinary research across various disciplines such as neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and information and communications, the interdisciplinary major enhances understanding of the brain and psychological mechanisms, decodes mental states using brain signals, selectively controls brain functions, and explores how the brain processes vast amounts of information. It promotes interdisciplinary research in brain and cognitive sciences with applications in robot/device control, interactions between AI systems and the brain, diagnosis and prediction of brain diseases, brain-based entertainment, neuromarketing, brain-based senior-friendly and rehabilitative industry, and intelligent humanoid robots. The interdisciplinary major will provide basic knowledge and practicum opportunities in brain engineering, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science to foster talent in graduates capable of making substantial contributions to the discovery of new principles as well as the development of novel technology in brain and cognitive sciences.


Department Vision

Produce world-class graduates capable of making significant contributions to brain and cognitive sciences

Education and Research Details

By acquiring fundamental knowledge and technology through interdisciplinary courses in neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, information and communications, and brain engineering, students will become interdisciplinary talent in brain and cognitive sciences.   

Educational Goals

·  Deliver knowledge and technology related to brain and cognitive sciences

·  Instill future-oriented, creative thinking skills

·  Foster research and development abilities in interdisciplinary technology

·  Produce talent capable of contributing to the development of brain industry

·  Establish cooperative networks among expert groups and industries