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Prof. Hoh In

Head of the
Software Technology &
Entrepreneurship Program
Prof. Hoh In

The Software Technology & Entrepreneurship Program was established by the College of Informatics with funding by the Ministry of Science and ICT for universities specializing in software. The program aims to foster interdisciplinary talents who possess fundamental and applied knowledge in software technology, planning and management through interdisciplinary courses in software, technology management, and industrial management. Students will have opportunities to participate in internships and other real-world sessions under the guidance of outstanding faculty, industry experts, and graduate students. They will learn to think creatively and embrace challenges in the best learning environment, equipped with cutting-edge facilities and individual study rooms. They can also prepare to launch their own startups through startup support programs. The Software Technology & Entrepreneurship Program will provide top-class education to transform students into global software leaders. Your interest in the program is highly appreciated. Thank you. 



소프트웨어 벤처 융합전공 개설 과정
글로벌 수준의 SW 인재양성

글로벌 시장지향 마인드셋을 갖춘 SW산업 리더 육성

  • CEO - 글로벌SW 최고경영책임자 육성과정
    • 캠퍼스 CEO 육상과정
    • 벤처 창업 아이디어 경진대회
    • VC 멘토단
  • 산학협력 - 국내 산업체 연계
    • 실무 위주의 프로젝트
    • 산학 프로젝트 진행
    • 국대 유수기업 인턴쉽 진행
  • 글로벌 인재 - 해외기업 협력
    • 글로벌 인재 역량 강화
    • 해외기업 인턴쉽 기회 확보
    • 영어 학습능력 배양
  • 세계수준 교육 - 해외교육 프로그램
    • 샐리콘밸리 창업교육 프로그램
  • 우수학생 유치 - 참여학생 만족도 증대
    • 우수교원의 확보 및 초빙
    • 능동적인 면담 및 지도
    • 졸업생 만족도 조사 및 피드백
  • Start up - 창업지원프로그램
    • 각종 경진대회 실시
    • 1:1 밀착 멘토링 지원
    • 창업비용 지원
  • 학점연계 - 전공/현장실습 강화
    • 현장 전공실습 교육(12학점)
    • 기업 멘토와의 밀착 교육
    • 현장실습 경비 지원

Major Achievements of Students in Software Technology & Entrepreneurship Program

소프트웨어 벤처 융합전공 학생 주요 실적
 Name of Student Name of Startup Major Achievements
Department of English Language and Literature

Lee Byung-hyun

(STEP 1st generation)

  • - Founding date of Stayes: 2014.08.04
  • - 2016 Attracted investment of 500 million KRW from BonAngels 
  • - 2016 Won Award of Excellence in the Sharing Economy of Korea Marketing Awards
  • - 2017 Attracted investment of 2.1 billion won from AJ Capital Partners, SJ Investment Partners, and more
)School of Electrical Engineering

Jang Hyouk

(STEP 1st generation)


  • - Founding date of Polariant: 2015.05.07

    - 2016–2017 Attracted investment from Naver and Bluepoint Partners

    - 2017 Named as winner of 2017 Talent Award of Korea by Ministry of Education

    - 2018 Participated in research cooperation with Naver Labs

Department of Mathematics

Sim So-young

(STEP 1st generation)


  • - Founding date of Dodotdo: 2015.10.22

    - 2015 Certified as a woman-owned business and established U.S. corporate body in June

    - 2016 Received Ministerial Prize of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and participated in Start Tel Aviv as Korean representative

School of Art & Design

Oh Jung-min

(STEP 4th generation)

Hidden Track

  • - 2017 Signed MOU with Samsung Thunders and Hyundai Capital Skywalkers

    - 2017 Selected for third-generation Samsung Accelerator (100 million)

    - 2017 Received Award of Merit in Seoul Idea Camp

    - 2017 Named as three-time winner of MIK 2017 TOP START UP Awards

Business School

Kwon Ki-won

(STEP 4.5th generation)


  • - Founding date of Jobshopper: 2017.05.23

    - 2017 Signed agreement on social entrepreneur fostering project (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

    - 2017 Selected among top 100 promising college startup teams (Ministry of Education)

    - 2017 Received Ministerial Prize of Education at Promising College Startup Teams 300 Prototype Exhibition (1st)

    - 2017 Selected for science- and technology-based startup-oriented university funding program (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

Physical Education

Park No-june

(STEP 5th generation)


  • - Founding date of Bbodek: 2017.08.08

    - 2017 Selected for Startup-Growth Technology Development Program by Ministry of SMEs and Startups (250 million)

    - 2017 Selected for Credit-Line support by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (700 million)