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About The Student Council


정보대학 학생회

The College of Informatics has about 500 students, and although the college has less students on average, it is a tightly knit community where students support (lead) each other. Thus the Student Council of the College of Informatics strives to aid fellow students attend school in a comfortable and pleasant environment, and hosts events to promote unity. The Student Council also gathers opinions to represent the College of Informatics within the Korea University student society. The Student Council President is elected by vote each November and leads the Student Council, which consists of students from the College of Informatics, for a year.

Student Events

Freshman Welcome Day

This event aims to resolve any potential problems new students will run into and provides information related to academic affairs such as course registration. An opportunity for new students to officially meet upperclass students who would be hard to meet otherwise, and form close connections.

Barbeque Party

There will be an outdoor barbeque party on the school lawn in May when the weather is pleasant. All students and professors are welcome to enjoy the party and connect with each other.

MT(Farmer Solidarity Activity)

The Farmer Solidarity Activity takes place every year at Eumseong-gun for 10 days during summer break. Rather than simply experiencing farm work, it’s an opportunity to understand the difficulties of farmers and the circumstances they are in.